Create Listings / Ads

In this section we explain how to search or create Listings or Ads of houses, apartments, articles, appliances for sale or rent.
Keep in mind that always the publications must contain the price !!!
Always set a cover image for your add.!!!

Even though we have a facebook group. In this is not allowed to publish this type of needs

There are several advantages of publishing this type of items on the website


  • Sell ​​of articles
  • Transportation needs
  • Sale of apartments
  • House sale


  1. On the homepage Click on + ADD YOUR LISTING

2. Create your publication here

  • Title
  • Important information
  • Location
  • Category of Listing
  • Photos
  • Visiting hours

3. Click on preview and publish!

If you are not selling or renting, if not requesting a good or service this space also serves you.