Providencia Neighborhood

Santiago de Chile is divided into communes. When passing from one to another, notes immediately change.

Providencia is a commune located in the northeastern sector of the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile. It is the greenest commune in the city, all houses and buildings must have green areas and trees by municipal order.

The architecture style is from 80 and 90.


Quality of life:

The commune is inhabited mainly by people and families of middle-high and high class; it is the commune with the best quality of life

In Line 1 of the metro, you can find a variety of restaurants and bars. Between the Baquedano and Pedro de Valdivia stations and on Line 4, between the Tobalaba and Cristobal Colon stations.

The area near the metro is really a very promising way to live without naming the convenience of having the subway, shopping centres and all kinds of commerce at a distance.

The Providencia area can also be safe, an area for lovers of nightlife, it is an area that remains quiet during the day while the premises are closed but at night can become a little noisy, in the special during weekends.

You will also find heritage neighborhoods, shopping centers, gastronomy and museums that will inform you about a friendly Santiago to live and travel; some of the most important attractions of Santiago: the Cerro San Cristóbal, the viewpoint of the Costanera Center (the highest skyscraper in Latin America), the house of Pablo Neruda, to name a few.

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The average cost of accommodation in the area is:

1 bedroom apartment
$270,000 to $450,000

Two-Bedroom Apartment
$380,000 to $600,000

Three bedroom apartment
$480,000 to $750,000

$650,000 to $1,900,000

This neighbourhood is recommended to couples, families, students or young professionals who want to have access to the metro.

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