If you are in Chile or you are going to travel to Chile, that the Chilean words and phrases do not take you by surprise! Especially when you talk to young people.

In this post I will explain a little about Chilean words, idioms, expressions and sayings.

Rápidamente. Right now

The Chilean does not go in a hurry, he leaves AL TIRO

Amigo, hermano, estúpido. Friend, hermano, dude, fella.

What happened WEON?

A pie. On foot

The Chilean who does not have a car or money goes A PATA

Activo, enérgico. Very agile or intelligent.

That CABRO is smart

Bueno. Cool

Your car is BACAN

Niño o adolescente.

A teenager or young kid. The CABRO CHICO walks around bothering

Resaca. Hangover

I am with CAÑA

Prestar atención. To pay attention to someone.

Panza. A belly or gut.

That lady has a lot of GUATA

El autobús público. The public buses.

I went to work in MICRO

Una mujer joven. A young woman, usually attractive.

In the class there is a new MINA

Un hombre joven. A young man, usually attractive.

My neighbor is a MINO

Atencion. Attention!

Ojo on the street

Relación. Dating.


Novio/a. Boyfriend or girlfriend.

I present you to me POLOLO

“What happened?”

QUIUBO my friend?



Darse vuelta la chaqueta – Flip your jacket

It is very common to be used to talk about the attitude of a person who changes his mind as appropriate.

Bailar con la fea – Dancing with the ugly

Endure a setback or tolerate an unpleasant situation

Sacar la ñoña – Take out the scowl

It’s when someone gets a huge beating

Andar con la mona – Walk with the cute

It is when someone has been drunk

Estar arriba de la pelota – Being on top of the ball

Someone when he walks hesitantly. Being drunk or drugged but not to the point of losing consciousness.

Tiene malas pulgas – You have bad fleas

When you that you are in a bad mood

Estar pato Duck

Out of money

Salto lejos el maní Look how far the peanut jumped

Mind his own business

Mojarse el potito Wet the pot

A person is going to venture or take a risk or say something that may have repercussions.

Salió con un domingo sieteShe left with a Sunday seven

An unexpected pregnancy.

Todas las micros le sirven – All the micros work you

It is used to refer to a person who is not very rigorous when choosing their partners.

Más prendido que tele de conserjeMore on than concierge tele

It means that it has an infinite energy. It is the perfect company for a party.

Sacar picaTake out pica

Taking out pica is making fun of a person who has something that you do not.


Está la escoba

The phrase is occupied when a problem has no solution or when a party reaches its climax.

Mandarse un condoro

Did you make a serious mistake? Then you sent yourself a condoro.

Apretar cachete – tightens his butt cheeks

A Chilean  leave in a rush


And then weon... You cachai me?

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